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Slave, that is not a very big Load!

Slave´s Cum

Every time Jess has a new pair of black stiletto heels she wants to wet them with her faithful Slave´s cum… She is sitting on the couch next to him, takes off one of her sexy stilettos and places it under his erect cock. Then she starts milking him firmly and rhythmically, always aiming the

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R U Serious?


A nice Shoejob Story taken by Jess DOWNLOAD NOW!

Gran on to my Heels Baby!

I´m waiting…

I love my new Heels!

My Heels or my Ass?

Can´t wait for you to rip…

Rent my Shoes

You can request to rent my shoes to cum and fill them with your cream. Of course, as for renting, a small fee (in case you are bad and keep them!) will be required of you, and you’ll have to pay for the shipping to you. I would always enjoy to have new sperm soaked

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