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A nice Shoejob Story taken by Jess DOWNLOAD NOW!

Lo*boutin Handjob

A gorgeous sensual Domination hand job scene with a big cock & huge cum shot. Of course I’m teasing you & encouraging you to jerk off with me…you’re so easily controlled, aren’t you? DOWNLOAD NOW!

Gran on to my Heels Baby!

I´m waiting…

I love my new Heels!

My Heels or my Ass?

Smoking Mistress

Deine Herrin erwartet dich heute mit einem Lackoutfit, Wolford Neon Strumpfhose und einer Zigarette! Lust? Schaue dir die Bilder an.

Can´t wait for you to rip…

Love my new slut Heels uncle Sam!

Proof of dedication

When Mistress Jess is away or busy her Slave is sometimes allowed to release himself. Strict conditions apply however: He entitled to one single ejaculation during his mistress’ absence. He must use a pair of Jess shoes of his choice. He cannot stroke his cock but he is allowed to rub it on or hump

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