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Slave´s Cum

Every time Jess has a new pair of black stiletto heels she wants to wet them with her faithful Slave´s cum… She is sitting on the couch next to him, takes off one of her sexy stilettos and places it under his erect cock. Then she starts milking him firmly and rhythmically, always aiming the

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Mistress Shoe Bukakke Part 2

OMG! What my slave does when I’m not at home! Part 2 of this nice Story. Join Now!

Proof of dedication

When Mistress Jess is away or busy her Slave is sometimes allowed to release himself. Strict conditions apply however: He entitled to one single ejaculation during his mistress’ absence. He must use a pair of Jess shoes of his choice. He cannot stroke his cock but he is allowed to rub it on or hump

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I´m so Excited!

Come on Slave.

Right Here!

You better cum on my Heels quick Baby!

My new Boss love to cum in my Louboutins

Neue Heels eingeweiht Part 2

Kaum habe ich mir neue Schuhe gekauft schon war er geil. Die Beine in hautfarbene Strumfhose gesteckt und schon war er nicht mehr zu bremsen. Ich finde es so geil meinen Sklaven leiden zu sehen. DOWNLOAD